Nuremberg, Germany


Sao Paolo, Brazil

OFSP Workshop: Sustainable food systems and diets in South America with special focus on Brazil and taking organic as a model

- Rome, Italy

FAO/UNSCN/UNEP Technical Workshop on sustainable diets in the context of sustainable food systems

- Bari, Italy

FAO/CIHEAM Technical Workshop on the development of voluntary guidelines for the sustainability of the Mediterranean diet

- Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany

14. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau (WiTa)

- Nuremberg, Germany, Room Copenhagen, NCC East

OFSP/FQH workshop at Biofach

Copenhagen, Denmark

Organic Food System Programme meeting

Copenhagen, Denmark

Expert workshop on modelling and assessing impact of diets on sustainability and health

- Biofach Nuremberg, Germany, room Kopenhagen NCC Ost

Launch of “The new international Organic Food System Programme”

- Berlin, Germany

Organic Food System Programme

- Newbury, UK

Organic Food System Programme

- Rome, Italy

Assessing sustainable diets within the sustainablity of food systems

- Paris, France

Sustainable diets

- Nueremberg, BioFach, Room Oslo

Is it really organic? Novel analytical methods for authentication of organic plant products

- Warzaw, Polen

Sustainable nutrition/sustainable diets

- Nueremberg, BioFach, Room Kopenhagen

“Food for healthy people and healthy environment”

  • October 2012, Kassel, Processing
  • June 2012, Kassel, Processing
  • February 2012, Nuremberg, Processing
  • November 2011, Copenhagen, Quality
  • February 2011, Nuremberg, Quality
  • October 2010, Paris, Quality
  • March 2010, Warsaw, Quality