Our Aims

  • We are an international network of research institutions (universities and independent institutes). Our core activity consists in researching food quality and health, taking special account of organisms and systems, along with publishing the research results in international academic journals and presenting them to practitioners and the public alike.  
  • Our aim is to inform society about new understandings based on scientifically sound research and thus to contribute towards a change in perception of food and its impact on health. 
  • We see ourselves as a productive and effective scientific community. To this end we organise internal network meetings as well as public conferences, thus enabling new knowledge to emerge. We are not a lobby group.
  • We engage in dialogue with companies and organisations that support the FQH research network.
  • We adopt a knowledge-based approach. Our raison d’être is not motivated by economics.
  • This approach is based on a systemic method, i.e. we examine causes, effects and interconnections from the perspective of organisms and systems along the entire value chain, through to their impact on the environment and on human health. We also view the concept of health from a holistic perspective. We work in an interdisciplinary way, placing particular emphasis on collaborations between experts in technology, analysis, nutrition and medicine.
  • Our contribution is towards sustainable development in society and individual human health.