The research focus of the FQH network is the quality of specially produced food and its impact on human health. We see organic food as a prime example. The principles of our research approach can be found under Our Aims. Some research activities are conducted jointly while others are pursued by individual FQH members alone. FQH coordinates the exchange of information between members as well as information transfer to practitioners and the public. Research results are disseminated in our various publications, while current and future research topics are discussed primarily at our conferences and workshops

Our thematic priorities include:

  • devising  research strategies for “food quality” and “health” that take special account of organisms and systems
  • developing methods for evaluating the criteria and parameters drawn from these strategies
  • researching the influence on food quality (plants and animals) of factors along the chain from field to fork
  • researching the health effects of different product qualities

The support and coordination tasks of FQH include:

  • organising and implementing joint research projects, including the exchange of information and staff between institutes
  • developing and validating new methods in quality research
  • devising a research agenda on the most important research issues relating to food quality and health
  • exchanging information and views with the food industry, statutory authorities and consumer organisations on topical research questions and findings

One of the core tasks of FQH is to organise international conferences and workshops. It is here that new understandings are discussed and new research issues identified.