Regular members include research institutions from a wide variety of disciplines. Supporting members provide financial support for the work done by FQH and do not themselves engage in research. Currently (2016) FQH consists of 16 regular and 9 supporting members.
List of all members

Management board

The management board is elected by the members of FQH for a period of three years.

Johannes Kahl

Chairperson and coordinator
Dr. Johannes Kahl, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Carola Strassner

Prof. Dr. Carola Strassner, Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Machteld Huber

Board member
Dr. Machteld Huber

Board member
Jostein Hertwig, Beras International, Norway

Ewa Rembialkowska

Deputy chairperson
Prof. Ewa Rembialkowska, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland

Susanne Bügel

Prof. Susanne Bügel, University of Copenhagen, Denmark